Infection Control

Cleanliness and safety are top priorities to us.

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Our Sterilization Station

Cleanliness and safety are top priorities to us. When building the sterilization area, Dr. Posthuma chose to use the absolute latest in building technology: heat-molded laminate that allows the working surface within the sterilization station to be seamless, eliminating grooves where bacteria can hide and proliferate. In addition, she chose closed cabinetry for storage of clean trays- this prevents airborne saliva particles and pathogens from landing on clean instruments before they are used. The sterilization area is not hidden away, but is instead showcased behind a glass wall, and we welcome you watching our sterilization process in motion!

With her interest in protecting patient safety while also protecting the environment, Dr. Posthuma chose equipment that meets the highest energy- and water-saving standards available.

Why Keeping Clean Matters

We are aware that some recent news stories have highlighted terrible occurrences of transmission of infections through improper or inadequate sterilization techniques being used in dental offices. We want you to have confidence that your child is being treated in the most modern and clean environment possible by meeting or exceeding the recommended sterilization requirements for the dental industry. Because seeing is believing, we made sure our process was highly visible, so that you wouldn’t have to just take our word for it.