Steps to Take If Something Scary Happens

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Some tooth or mouth injuries do not require immediate treatment, but it is best for Dr. Posthuma to be informed of the injury that has occurred and provide guidance on a case-by-case basis. Take a picture of the traumatized tooth or area of the mouth. This will help the doctor understand exactly what type of injury has occurred.

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Tooth avulsion (knocked-out tooth)

If it is a baby tooth, do NOT put it back into the socket. Take a picture of the injury and call Dr. Posthuma for further assessment.

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If a permanent tooth has been knocked out

Pick up the tooth by the crown (the white shiny part). Do NOT touch the root end of the tooth (the conical shaped part that will appear more red or brown). Rinse visible debris from the root end of the tooth by running it under cold water for 10 seconds. If visible debris has been removed, attempt to re-implant the tooth into the socket using firm pressure. Have your child bite on a piece of cloth to hold the tooth in position.

If it is not possible to re-implant the tooth, the most important thing is to keep it moist. Place it in a glass of milk, or if possible, your child can hold the tooth in between their gums and cheek in the back lower part of their mouth. Call our office immediately.

Dr. Posthuma can always be reached after hours and on weekends by calling our office phone number 206-486-7260. Please take pictures of your child’s injury so that she may better understand what has occurred.