Dental Treatment

A fun first trip to the dentist can lead to a lifetime of good dental hygiene!

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White or Tooth-Colored Fillings

Fillings can be used to restore small and medium-sized cavities. These fillings match the tooth so well that you will not be able to identify where they have been placed!


Made of stainless-steel, crowns are used to restore teeth with large-sized decay that has caused loss of tooth integrity. Stainless-steel crowns serve to reinforce a tooth, so that it can withstand biting and chewing pressure.

Nerve Treatments for Baby Teeth

Used when a large cavity has caused irreversible inflammation in the nerve. The infected, inflamed nerve is removed and the remaining portion of the nerve is treated with medicine to help soothe and heal inflammation.

Post-Op Care

One of the biggest concerns following dental treatment in young children is lip and cheek biting following administration of local anesthetic (numbing medicine). Your child will need to be watched closely to prevent this complication. They should be given only soft foods to eat until the numbing wears off. For more extensive procedures, such as tooth extractions, more detailed post-operative care instructions will be given in the office.

Children with Special Needs

Pediatric dentists such as Dr. Posthuma receive extensive training in the care of patients with special health-care needs. Dr. Posthuma’s residency training was hospital-based, and upwards of 90% of her patients had special health-care needs when working in that setting. She welcomes the chance to provide the individualized care that your child requires. To facilitate this care, it is helpful to have the names and contact information of the medical specialists who provide your child’s healthcare so that our office can connect with them to gather information about any recommendations they may have to help us provide safe and effective treatment for your child.